Top priorities to see in New Delhi

Image Top priorities to see in New Delhi

New Dehli is the capital city of India. It is located in the Northern part of India. It is endowed with awe-inspiring tourist destinations.

What are the top priorities in New Dehli?

  • Taj Mahal is the most famous landmark in northern India. The building is a symbol of the eternal love that the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan has for his favorite wife. Flower carvings and precious stones decorated the exterior and interior of the structure. Taj Mahal is enlisted in the UNESCO's World Heritage Cultural Site.
  • The Lotus Temple (Bahá'í House of Worship) is a remarkable Temple designed in the shape of a sacred lotus flower. It is endowed with 27 marble flower petals. People of all religions come and worship at the Lotus Temple in addition to the Bahá'í faith. You will have to take off your shoes when you enter the Temple. A guide will brief you about the history of the site in 2 minutes. Within the sacred place, you have to remain quiet without your phone.
  • ISKCON Hare Krishna Temple is a few minutes walk from the Lotus Temple. It is dedicated to ISKCON or the International Society for Krishna Consciousness. ISKCON's head office is in the United States and it has affiliates in India. Explore the temple and hear the drums and chant of “Har-e-Krishna.”
  • Akshardham Temple was built in 2005. Its elaborate architecture and perfect ornaments are so awe-inspiring. Before you enter Akshardham Temple, you have to go through the security check and leave your electronic gadgets and bag at the security checkpoint. You can enter the temple barefoot, and marvel at its lavish architecture.
  • Gurudwara Bangla Sahib (Sikh Temple) is characterized by a huge pool of water outdoor. Once you arrive inside the temple, you will enjoy the melodic songs by the Sikh band who are playing their drums. Make sure to remove your shoes before you enter the Sikh Temple.
  • The Lodi Gardens is a public park. The Gardens are surrounded by the old tombs and structures of Mughal, which are iconic to the area. The Gardens are excellent places for a picnic and are playgrounds for children. The tombs are over 500 years old.
  • The Jantar Mantar is the spot for astronomy observations. The observation site was designed and created by the Mughal emperor, Muhammad Shah. Different kinds of instruments are used to spot the Sun, the Moon, and the planet cycles.
  • The Qutub Minar structures are fascinating in their leaning appearance. The structures are made of red sandstone. The tower is endowed with detailed carvings and inscriptions. The structures are now among the UNESCO World Heritage.

Discover New Dehli!

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